Braiding Technologies

We are bringing back the power of “braiding”.

“Braiding” is an old but current processing technology which can create a new generation of special cables.

What is “braiding?”

It is a technology to cover the interior or outermost layer of cables with copper wires or fibers knitted into a net form using braiding equipment called braiders.

What things do you braid?

We braid various materials depending on the purpose, such as thin (O.D. <1mm)soft copper wires, iron wires, aluminum wires, nylon / cotton yarns, glass fibers, etc.

What kind of effects can we enjoy from “braiding?”

Its electrical effects are shielding of noise and crosstalks. Braided cables can also become conductors, such as coaxial cables. Its mechanical effects are strength improvement against bending, pressure and wear.
Braiding is also applicable to severe environment which requires heat resistance and chemical resistance and also conversely to manufacturing of “human-friendly electric wires” using cotton yarns which provide a comfortable feeling to the human skin even when they are touched.

“Braiding” can consist of various electric cables!

That is right! Our factory has one floor entirely dedicated to braiding.
Various types of braiding are providing unprecedented high-function electric cables.

Shielded cables

Shielded, Anti-side pressure, Sealing Cables

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