UL Certification

UL Standards Information

1.UL Standards

UL is the abbreviation of “Underwriters Laboratories Inc.” which is a non-profit organization founded in 1894 in the Unites States, being supported by the U.S. Fire Insurance Association for “testing for public safety.”
This company provides safety maintenance services through research, examination, inspection, certification, follow-up of products, such as electric equipment, fire protection products, gas / oil / chemical products, anti-theft products, etc., in order to protect human life and assets from defective products with risks of causing fire, electrical shocks, thefts and other accidents.
Products certified through their examination are allowed to be applied with acceptance labels issued by the main office of UL. Safety of these certified products is highly valued in the United States. This is the reason why insurance companies, agencies of the federal / state / municipal government, manufacturers, building contractors, etc. strongly require compatibility with the UL standards as a condition for procurement.
Therefore, the products to be shipped to the United States must acquire the UL certification.

●Witnessed Examination

Details of UL Acceptance Labels

1.Application of UL acceptance labels to products

UL acceptance labels are the certificate for UL certified products. In fact, the labels are applied to products for delivery in accordance with production amounts.
We attach dedicated shipping tags for each strip length to our UL certified products.

2.Handling of UL acceptance labels

Since UL acceptance labels are evidence which proves the certification authorities accept the compatibility of the products with the UL standards, please be very careful with the following points:
(1) Carefully store the acceptance labels until completion of witnessed examination of electric equipment which use electric wires.
(2) No acceptance labels can be re-issued for our shipped products.
(3) The acceptance labels cannot be applied to other products (than the UL compatible products).
(4) Refer to the right figure for the acceptance labels.

Display of UL certified electric wires

1.Contents of display

(1) Product classification component marks based on the UL standards ,
(2) UL Style numbers
(3) Manufacturer’s names followed by authorization numbers: SANYO DENKO E162795
(4) Rated temperatures and voltage based on the UL standards
Note) However, these may be omitted for the products for which the UL standards do not require the display.
(5) VW-1, FT-1 for the products which are accepted in frame resistance examination.
(6) Conductor size: AWG size
(7) Others: If the standards are revised, other numbers are displayed.

Acquisition List of the UL Standards

Rated temperature Rated voltage Style No.
60℃ none  2490   2493   2660   2786
30V  2384   2385   2386   2387   2388   2448
 2560   2704   2709   2725   2726   2789
 2835   2844   2993   2994   20095
15V  2778
300V  1107   2598   2785
80℃ none  1533   2343   2344   2345   2346   2547
 2571   2876
30V  2502   2532   2626   2841   2842
 2844   2969   2990   20276
125V  2584
150V  2576   2934   2936   2961
300V  1007   1095   1061   1185   2095
 2096   2097   2405   2464   2655   2935
600V  2463   2570   2656
90℃ none  2631
30V  2637
125V  2630
300V  2549   2654
600V  2550   2587   2653
105℃ 30V  2574   2589   2614   2991   2992   20002
125V  2931
300V  2103   2517   2661
600V  1015   2501   2516   2586   2662

Note) The style numbers can be selected depending on rated temperature, rated voltage and applications (special internal / external equipment, etc.).

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