CSR : Social Contribution and Environmental Activities

Environmental Policy

We are contributing to society through manufacturing and sales of various insulation wires and cables.
We aim to achieve our management goals in conjunction with environmental preservation by setting the following framework of objectives / targets:

  1. We observe regulations related to our activities, products and services, and other requirements with which we agree to comply.
  2. We prioritize the following items for prevention of pollution.
    – Waste reduction
    – Improvement of efficiency in production and business operation
    – Effective usage of resources and energy
    – Reduction and discontinuation of hazardous substances

For realization of the above, our environmental policy, environmental objectives and targets are disseminated to our company employees, other workers and external interested parties.
We also continuously improve our systems.
Furthermore, we make efforts to live with the local community.

In addition, we disclose this policy to be available to everyone inside and outside of the company.

Established on March 31, 2008.

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