Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Guidelines)

Sanyo Denko Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) promotes personal information protection by establishing the following personal information protection guidelines, developing systems for personal information protection, raising awareness of all employees about the importance and thoroughly educating them about the systems.

Personal Information Control

We strictly control customer personal information through implementation of security measures in addition to necessary measures, such as improvement of security system maintenance and management systems, thorough employee education, etc. in order to maintain accuracy and the latest status of personal information and prevent any illegal accesses / losses / damage / alternation / leakage of personal information.

Purpose of Personal Information Use

We only use customer personal information obtained through communications via the Internet and phone calls to notify customers, provide more information about our businesses and send emails and other materials to answer to customers’ questions.

Prohibition of Disclosure / Provision of Personal Information to the Third Party

We properly control customer personal information and never disclose them to a third party, except for any of the following cases:

  • Consent of the customer
  • Disclosure to the companies consigned by our company to provide services requested by the customer
  • Requirement by law

Personal Information Security Measures

We take full measures for security to ensure accuracy and safety of personal information.

Inquiry by the Owner

If we receive your request for reference, modification and removal of your customer information, we will confirm your identification to respond to your request.

Adherence to the Laws and Regulations and Revision

We adhere the laws and regulations of Japan which are applied to personal information which we have and properly revise the contents of this policy as a part of our efforts for improvement.

Contact Us

Please refer to the following contact information to obtain for more information on our personal information handling.

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