Shielded Automotive Cables

Shielded Automotive Cables Overview

These cables are specialized for automotive electronic equipment. Installation of multiple types of electronic equipment, such as various moving parts, car navigation systems, head-up displays, security systems, etc. requires noise-free environment. These cables are utilized in a wide range of applications in regular vehicles, motorcycles, large-scale buses and even large-scale vehicles for civil engineering and construction.

Shielded Automotive Cables Features

This product can eliminate inter-wiring and external noise and also reduce impacts of noise to other equipment by high-density shields, such as braiding, spiral winding, conductive plastics, metal foil presser-winding, etc. Insulation materials can be selected from heat / cold-resistant vinyl, cross-linked polyethylene, cross-linked vinyl, etc. depending on usage environment and purpose. We also respond to requests for line / spiral processing of insulation and sheaths*. We have varieties in color setting selecting combinations of 10 primary colors and stripes.

*Sheaths are limited to embedded lines.

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