Oil Resistant Cables

Oil Resistant Cables Overview

These cables can be used in locations in which fuel, organic compounds or oil scatter. They are used for analog / digital electric signal transmission and viscosity / flow sensing by encoders and various types of control. We respond to requests to customize insulation configuration, shields, etc. depending on application.

Oil Resistant Cables Features

The resistant performance against compound oil used for this product (oil resistant grades) is shown below. Other various compounds are also available.

Oil resistance experiment results

The oil resistance of this product was confirmed based on various measurements after 4-hour immersion in JIS C 2320 Type 1 No. 2 electric insulation oil at a temperature of 70 deg. C.

Change of the tensile strength103%
Change of the elongation 89%
100% modulus 4.6N/mm2

* Based on the test reports of a compound manufacturer.

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